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Unge på vej (Youth on Their Way)

How do you tackle difficult feelings?  Where do you seek help, if your problems grow out of hand? What does it mean to be mentally vulnerable?

Those are some of the questions The Social Networks young ‘flying squad’ help to raise when they visit many of Denmark’s youth educational institutes, universities and other places, where there is a need for a visit.

Many youngsters have difficulties tackling feelings such as insecurity, loneliness, a sense of inferiority, stress, performance anxiety etc. These are often feeling which youngsters try to deal with alone, and seldom shares with anyone.

However, when one does not share these problems with anyone, they seem to grow larger. For some, the negative thoughts and feelings affects them to such a degree where it begins to have an impact on their mental health, their social relations and their education. If one does not vent these mental issues, they may develop into mental diagnoses such as anxiety, self-destructive behavior, anorexia, or depression.

Based on personal experience
The uniqueness of Youth on Their Way is the fact that it has been developed and is being executed by people who at some point in their life have dealt with mental issues themselves, or have been relatives to a mental vulnerable person.

They tour our country and make speeches around the topic of being mental vulnerable. They share their personal stories about their difficult and challenging youth, what that experience has taught them and how to take care of their own mental health.
Besides the personal stories, their may be a presentation on how to obtain more knowledge on how to act if yourself, or someone close to you, is going through a tough time. The intention is to create a space where one is able to speak about mental health without mentioning suffering and diagnoses. Instead the focus should be on problems most people deal with on a regular basis.

If you want to know more please contact The Social Network on info@desocialenetvaerk.dk or call  (+45) 5084 6846

You may also follow Youth on Their Way on Facebook here (in Danish)


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