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Peer support in the Capital Region

A road to recovery

In the Capital Region Psychiatry and the three municipalities, Copenhagen, Helsingør and Rudersdal, former users of the offers within the psychiatry may educate themselves to be able to support others with a mental disorder. 12 peer-support employees help other citizens with mental health issues to master their symptoms and find a new meaning in life. The employees base their help on their own experiences with mental disorders, the psychiatric system and recovery.

The project is part of the social financing project named ‘Peer-support in the continuous recovery effort for people with mental disorders’ and will run from 2015-2018. During these three years users, and former users, of the psychiatry will be educated with the purpose of being integrated into the municipal and regional mental health services, as part of the increasing focus on recovery.

The project is run as a partnership project between The Municipalities of Rudersdal, Copenhagen and Helsingør,  Psykiatriforeningernes Fællesråd (Psychiatry Associations Confederation), The Social Network and The Capital Region Psychiatry. The secretariat of this project is based at The Social Network.


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