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Faith, thoughts and well-being

MindU is a project developed by The Social Network, which focuses on mental vulnerability and mental well-being amongst young people attending confirmation classes (age 13-14 years).

The aim of MindU is to increase the mental well-being by creating a space with greater openness allowing mental vulnerability.

Many teenagers lack tools and support to help them talk about problems, and it is not always easy to talk to friends, teachers or family when life is hard. When a young person attends confirmation class they meet another adult authority in the priest, with whom they may decide to discuss more than their faith. With the help of MindU a new space to talk about mental health is created outside the classroom, on new terms and with time for reflection. 

What is MindU?

MindU is a free educational concept for priests, who are interested in working with mental vulnerability and well-being as a key part of the confirmation classes – but may also be used by teachers in primary schools.

The project includes two parts which freely may be joined according to their own wishes and needs:

During the workshop, we focus on feelings, thoughts, and the vulnerability, which develops during the teenage years. The workshop lasts a minimum of two training sessions and consists among other things of personal experience talks by young people, good advice, reflection and discussion and a dilemma game.

Educational material
Following the workshop, we have developed teaching material for both the national church and schools with suggestions on how both parties in their own way can work on the theme.

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