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headspace is a national counseling service for young people between 15-25 years of age - on their premises.  It is a space where they always will be able to meet someone to share their problems; no problem is too big or too small.

You may visit the center without a prearranged appointment. You may text, call or chat directly to the counselors where you will be listened to and actions will be taken on your terms – without a written record. It is free and there is no waiting.

Denmark has lacked headspace, a place of preventive service for young people to go to before their problems escalates and become so large that the municipality has to intervene, and the young person becomes a case in the public system.

headspace is inspired by an Australian Foundation by the same name providing early intervention mental health services to 12-25 year olds which has achieved very good results. headspace in Denmark started in 2013, and today we are represented in centers covering most of Denmark. During the first year we received more that 4,500 visits by 1,200 young people. Is has proven crucial that every person received an equal dialogue. headspace will continue to spread within Denmark, and we will not be satisfied before every child, teenager and young adult knows about headspace and what we stand for, so that they will know where to turn in case they need to talk to someone.

It may prove difficult to understand the many various offers that the Danish welfare system offers, especially if you are young and struggling with discouragement, chaotic thoughts or other issues. This is the reason for headspace to offer young people a consistent, reachable and knowledgeable help.

Furthermore we work with numerable other activities providing young people with the best possible support and help. In particular, our close corporation with local authorities is crucial for headspace to be able to help a young person the best we can.

If more support than what may be obtained at the headspace center is needed, we may corporate with the municipal employee within headspace to secure the best help possible for the young person. When you are young and have problems, you should not need to go knocking on doors, you need instant help. headspace supplies that exact help.

If you want to know more please send an e-mail to info@headspace.dk, call (+45) 3110 1330 or visit www.headspace.dk (in Danish)

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