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Ungekompasset (Compass of Youth)

Find your way to help

The Compass of Youth is a webpage, where young people, friends, family and professionals can look up information on where and how to get help, and which services and support is offered to mentally vulnerable people. The uniqueness of the Compass of Youth is that both private and public offers can be found in one place.

The webpage offers an easy and simple way of looking up information on which offers exists in your neighborhood. You can look up everything from the nearest counselling offer to psychiatric emergency clinics, support groups, mentoring, and various kinds of chat forums.

On the Compass of Youth, you are also able to hear young people talk about how it feels like to have psychological problems, be lonely, having a eating disorder, and also hear talks about how they were helped to be able to move on with their lives. You can read personal stories, find information on different diagnoses, various associations and different kinds of abuse.

You are able to find out which options you have, if you are studying or thinking of starting studying. The Compass of Youth also contains a guide to the different educations with information on the various possibilities of how to get help and support to be able to start. Finally, you will find tips and advice on how to get through the whole program.

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