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Byg Bro (Bridge Building)

Refugee helping refugee

We believe that every person has value. We also believe, that experience and a lived life means something. Therefore, with that belief we feel, that refugees who have experience on how to become integrated in the Danish society and who have the experience of coming to a new country, are able to help refugees who have just arrived in Denmark with the challenges, they face when arriving and being new in the Danish society.

This is why we have established ‘Byg Bro’, hereafter Bridge Building.

In Bridge Building, the recently arrived refugees can get help from resident refugees. Help may be issued of practical help which may seem overwhelming. They make partake in conversations about loss and mental health, how to take care of themselves (and their relatives), and what it feels like to be a stranger. Bridge Building can help to retrieve the belief and hope in life.

The goal is to teach newly arrived refugees how to deal with everyday life, practical as well as emotional, so that they are better prepared to participate in the Danish labour market, an education or just in general become part of our society.

The Social Network was established in 2008 and has since gained years of experience in terms of helping and developing initiatives for mental vulnerable. We have specialized in creating a space and a community in which it is possible to talk to peers and share ones experiences, even the difficult ones, no matter age or whether you are a former user of mental health services.

When people are being greeted by like-minded people, a cohesion is created. We believe, that every refugee who has become acquainted with our society has a lot to give back and that they possess resources that they will want to help others with in similar situations.

We believe that by using their unique cultural background and experience in getting integrated into the Danish society, they are able to pass on their knowledge to a newly arrived refugee. An opportunity they will not encounter any other place in the system.

This is the reason why we wanted to establish Bridge Building as we wanted to have focus on the mental health of the refugee to create a basis for a better and more holistic integration, which relies on the experience of the volunteers and the belief of every person has a value.

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