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VærDig (BeYou)

In Danish VærDig is translated to BeYou, however VærDig also means ‘being worthy’. This project helps young people get help and support when thoughts of body, diet and exercise occur.

Where do you go when your thoughts are concerned with your body, when you starve yourself to become slim, or you throw up after meals? Who do you want to talk to, when you are not eating your lunch, and you yourself think that you are too fat? What do you do, if your child starts to change behavior in relation to diet, body and exercise?

Today, many children and adolescents with an eating disorder, and their families, discover that help is only available when the eating disorder has become very fierce, which results in many cases that end up being life-threatening. In VærDig we wish to act early, before the problems grow so big and we wish to rethink how we can help to prevent children and adolescents develop an eating disorder.

VærDig is a counseling service for children and adolescents aged 12-25 years and their relatives. The counseling may be individual, in groups or as a family conversation. The core of VærDig is the mobile teams that will come out to counsel, where the young and his/her family want it, whether it is in their own home, at an educational institution, at the nearest headspace center or anywhere else.

We acknowledge that an eating disorder often is a way to deal with stress, chaos or worries during daily life. In VærDig our main concern and focus is therefore not only on weight and food. We meet the young person with equal dialogue, with respect and curiosity, about the thoughts, worries or events that may underlie the adolesents behavior. If necessary, we have knowledge of the more specialized offers and the multiple psychiatric treatments.


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