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We have established a number of projects to be able to fulfil our overall vision to promote the prevention of mental illnesses, to remove taboos and prejudices and to provide a foundation for an innovative, better and coherent effort for society’s mentally vulnerable.

These projects, or activities, are to a certain extent based on a number of common elements. First, we aim to integrate volunteers in as many of our projects as possible, as we believe it creates a relationship based on unique values such as it is the desire, will and belief in making a difference which is the main driver for success.

Furthermore, our project orientated work is created from the idea of using others’ experiences actively, whether it is a young person who meets another young person, or user-to-user relationships. The help of meeting another person who has experience from a similar situation will help ignite the persons hope and belief in the ability of getting better themselves.

Last, but not least, a large number of our projects has focus on providing early preventive intervention. If a young mentally vulnerably person can be helped before a mental problem has developed into a disorder requiring treatment, we enhance the possibility of the individual to be able to stay on track in life. Thereby we are helping to reduce the risk of recurring mental problems and the risk of exclusion from education, work and other social contexts.

Click on the links below to read more about our projects:

VærDig (BeYou)
Unge på vej (Youth on Their Way)
Ungekompasset (Compass of Youth)
Kom trygt ud (Get out Safely)
Byg Bro (BridgeBuilding)
Peer support in the Capital Region
The Psychiatry Summit
The People's Conference

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