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Schizotypal Disorder

Schizotypal disorder is called a borderline psychosis; it is related to schizophrenia but is a milder illness.

What is schizotypal disorder?

Schizotypal disorder is very similar to schizophrenia but has milder symptoms. It has passing or no actual psychosis symptoms such as delusions or hallucinations, and a well-treated schizophrenia can bear resemblance to schizotypal disorder. Read more about schizophrenia here.

Even though it is an illness that can last for several years, you will often function relatively well in your everyday life with work, family and friends. Close relations to other people as well as maintaining contact is, however, also a central problem for people with schizotypal disorder.


To be characterized as schizotypal disorder, at least four of the following symptoms have to be present for at least two years:

  • Impaired emotional ability – unfeelingness
  • Strange or eccentric appearance and behaviour
  • Impaired capacity for contact and isolation tendencies
  • Strange ideas that affect behaviour
  • Mistrustfulness and a tendency for 'paranoia'
  • Compulsive ideas, often with sexual or aggressive content
  • Unusual sense experiences and a sense of unreality
  • Strange and unnatural thought and speech
  • Very brief hallucinations or delusions


As with schizophrenia, the treatment can consist of preventive medicine and counselling as well as social support.


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