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OCD is an abbreviation of Obsessive-compulsive Disorder. 

What is OCD?

OCD is stressful compulsive ideas and actions that you feel compelled to think or carry out, even if you realize that, they are meaningless.
The disorder is often a chronic condition and most people feel or notice the first symptoms in their childhood or youth. 
OCD is associated with tics, anxiety disorder or other mental conditions.

Patients suffering from OCD can be reluctant to seek treatment.


The most common symptoms are compulsive symptoms. It can be fear of bacteria, dirt or infection, which leads to strongly exaggerated washing rituals. Control rituals and fear of harming yourself or others can also be pronounced symptoms.
The compulsive symptoms can vary in severity. There can be periods with severe, disabling symptoms and other periods with only few symptoms.


The most efficient treatment of OCD is a combination of medicine and cognitive behavioral therapy. Primarily, OCD appears to be a biological illness with, among other things, an abnormal serotonin production, and by means of scanning, it has been discovered that functions in certain parts of the brain are affected. It appears that these brain functions can be normalized by efficient medical treatment.

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