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Depression is a very common illness. Approximately 15 % of the Danish population will at some point in their life suffer from a depression.

What is a depression?

Depression is more than just feeling sad. When you have a depression, you have no energy or desire to do what you’ve usually done without any problems. You can have trouble sleeping and concentrating. You are sad and find it difficult to imagine that you will ever get better, and can also suffer from low self-esteem.
Depending on the extent to which the depression affects the person, depressions are divided into three categories: light, moderate and severe depressions.

Depressions accompanied by mania were used to be called manic-depressive psychosis. It is a different illness than depression and is known as mania or bipolar disorder. Read more about bipolar disorder here.


Treatment typically consists of a combination of medicine and psychotherapy. Severe depressions are normally treated with medicine, whereas light depressions initially are treated with psychotherapy. In the most severe cases, electroshock can be used.

75% of people experience that their depressions are recurrent, and so, preventive measures and long-term treatment are essential.

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