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ADHD refers to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. 

What is ADHD?

The symptoms of ADHD include inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. The symptoms must be present before the age of seven, they must result in significant impairment of functioning and they have to occur more than once before the diagnosis ADHD is used. 

This does not mean that ADHD is a childhood problem as many people carry on being affected by the symptoms into adolescence and adulthood. The way ADHD behaves changes with age and people often become less hyperactive as they grow older.


The symptoms of ADHD differ within the three different traces:

Inattention: Easily distracted, miss details, forget things, having difficulties focusing on one task, frequently switch between activities, easily bored, daydreams, become easily confused, move slowly, struggle to follow instructions.

Hyperactivity: Fidgets or squirms, leaves seat, runs or climbs excessively, cannot play quietly, "on the go" or acts if "driven by a motor", talks excessively, having trouble sitting still, impatience.

Impulsivity: blurts out answers before question is complete, difficulty awaiting turn, and often interrupts others.


Treatment typically consists of counselling or medication, either separately or a combination of the two. 

Find more information here:

The Danish ADHD-Association

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