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Get involved - and help the mentally vulnerable

At The Social Network we work to improve the conditions for Denmark’s more than 500.000 mentally vulnerable people, their relatives and all Danes who struggle with psychiatric problems.

We work towards eliminating taboos and prejudices against mentally and socially vulnerable people. We strive to create a foundation for a deeper understanding towards new, better and more coherent efforts to help mentally vulnerable people.
We fight to be a strong voice, who are able to create better settings for dialogue with and inclusion of mentally vulnerable on the labour market and society in general.

Even though our board of directors work free, we are still in need of financial support to establish local headspaces and support groups, to teach and to extend people’s knowledge of mentally vulnerable people at educational institutions.

Private foundations, private individuals, businesses and organizations primarily support our work. We are very grateful for the help and support that means the world to many mentally vulnerable people, who we help, support and offer advice every day.

We accept every contribution eagerly!

Here you can read more about how to contribute and make a difference for the mentally vulnerable in Denmark:

Become a Volunteer Contribute financially 


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