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Purpose and vision

The focus is on people

Our main goal is to put people first. We wish to contribute to eliminating taboos and prejudices towards the areas of social and social psychiatry, and thus create the basis for a deeper understanding of a new, better and more coherent effort for society’s mentally and psychologically vulnerable.

Furthermore, The Social Network aims to be an organization that advocates new and perhaps unconventional paths in our efforts to make a difference. We want to be an association that focuses on early and preventive interventions that nip psychological problems in the bud, and at the same time allows the individual to create a power to act for themselves and manage their own lives.

Another goal is to be an association that in new and different ways develops, implements and communicates new and innovative initiatives to enhance the mental well-being in the Danish society.

All the above is done by:

  • Increasing and disseminating  the Social Network and the underlying projects
  • Maintaining, renewing and anchoring existing and new initiatives
  • Bridging the "missing links" and create a new context and a whole for the treatment of mentally vulnerable, including children, adolescents and their relatives
  • Enlightening and eliminating taboos and/or prejudices 
  • Improve the quality of life and make it possible for many more psychologically vulnerable people for them to return to the workforce due to better and earlier treatment and tracing

We hope, you will support our work in putting mental health and mental well-being on the agenda. That you will help support our vision to focus on prevention, and make experiences from mentally vulnerable people something that professionals, politicians and relatives will listen to.

If you wish to contribute to the The Social Network you can support us financially or become a volunteer


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