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Terms, conditions and cookies on The Social Network’s webpages.

These terms, conditions and cookie for The Social Network’s web pages are prevalent for The Social Network and the organizations various projects’ web pages, including: www.detsocialenetvaerk.dk, www.headspace.dk, www.vaerdig.org and www.ungekompasset.dk.


When you visit our web pages, information about you will be collected in order to adjust and improve our content. If you don’t want your information to be collected, you should delete your cookies and avoid further use of this web page. Below, we elaborate on what information we collect, its purpose and the third parties who have access to it.


This web page uses cookies. Cookies are a text file that is saved on your computer, tablet, phone or other device. The purpose is to be able to recognize your device, remember settings, compile statistics and target advertisements. Cookies can’t contain dangerous code such as viruses. Likewise, cookies in general don’t contain personal data.

Cookies from third party

The Social Network’s web pages use cookies from third parties. Third-part cookies are cookies that are used by others than The Social Network as opposed to first-party cookies that are used by our self.

Our web page among other things shows videos from YouTube, that are owned by Google, and who uses third-party cookies. Google will collect information about your use of YouTube, including information about the video you are watching on our page and the frequency and size of your data transfers.

Avoid cookies

It is possible to delete or block cookies. You can find guides on how to do this for your browser online. If you block cookies, you risk that the web page don’t function in optimum fashion and that there’s content you can’t get access to.

Storage of cookies

Cookies will delete themselves after a certain amount of time. This time-period depends upon what kind of cookie it is. When you return to our web page, the cookie will renew itself automatically.

Personal data

In general

Personal data is all kind of data, which in one way or another can be referred to you. When you use our web page personal data are gathered and processed. This happens e.g. by regular admission to our content, when you sign up for our newsletter, support us financially or sign up as a user. 
We usually gather and process the following types of information: A unique ID-number and technical information about your computer, tablet, phone or other device, your IP address, your location and the web pages you visit. To the extent that you give your explicit consent and type the information yourself, the following information is processed: Name, phone number, e-mail and address. This will typically be in relation to signing up for our newsletter or supporting us financially.


At The Social Network, we process personal data in compliance with GDPR, and we obey rules and laws regarding safe collection and storage of personal data. This means, that it is our responsibility to store your personal data safely and confidentially. Therefore, we make sure that all registered data, including your personal data, are kept safe and secure in accordance to prevalent security standards and other legislation. 

Your personal data can be accessed through devices with restricted admission in monitored facilities. The data is stored on external servers at a data security approved supplier. We review our security measures on a regular basis to ensure that your personal data are handled in confidence and that we meet and comply with your rights, as a consumer. We can’t guarantee absolute security when it comes to data transfers online. This means, that there is a risk that others force their way to access information illegally. You share and submit your data at your own risk.

Links to other web pages

On our web page, you will find links for other web pages or integrated web pages. The Social Network is not responsible for the content of other webpages or for other web pages’ policies when it comes to the use of cookies and collection and storage of personal data. When you visit other web pages, you should always read their cookie and privacy policies and their policy for handling your personal data.


The information collected about you, as a user of our webpages are used to register your sign-up to our pages, your financial support and sending you newsletters. Furthermore, we use the information to optimize our services and content.

Changes in the processing of personal data

Due to new legislation and the fast development of the internet, we might have to change the way er process personal data. Therefore, we reserve the right to update and change our policies for processing personal data. If this happens, we will change the date of “last updated” at the bottom of this page. In the coincidence of considerable changes, you will be notified by a clear message on the front of the web page.

Storage period

Information are stored in the time-period, that is allowed in the current legislation and the information will be deleted when it is no longer necessary to store. The time-period depends on the type of information and the purpose behind storing it.

Passing on information

Data about your use of the web page, location, gender, age and so on will be given to third parties to the extent that this information is known. We use a number of third parties to store and process data. These third parties solely process data on our behalf and are not allowed to use the data on their own.

The passing on of information like name and e-mail address will only happen if you have given your consent. We only use data processors with the EU or in countries that can protect your data sufficiently.


Insights and complaints


You have the right to be informed about what personal data can be referred to you. You can contact us in order to get this information or ask us to change of delete your personal data. If the information or data about you is incorrect, you have the right to have it corrected of deleted.

If you wish to get access to the information that we have about you at The Social Network, you can write an e-mail to: info@detsocialenetvaerk.dk. If the registered data are incorrect, you have questions or other inquiries you can contact us the same way. You can object to registration according to the rules in GDPR.

Owner and contact information:

The Social Network is responsible for the processing of your personal data.

The Social Network
Østergade 5, 3rd floor
1100 København K
CVR: 31920124
Mail: info@detsocialenetvaerk.dk
Phone: (+45) 50 84 68 46

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