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The Social Network

In 2009 the former Danish prime minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen established The Social Network. The purpose of The Social Network has been and is continuously to remove any taboos and prejudices regarding mental illnesses and thus help create a deeper understanding of a new, better, and more coherent approach to mentally vulnerable people.

The vision was clear when former Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen returned in 2009 from the European Parliament: “Mental vulnerably people need a strong new voice in Denmark”. He did not want to retire and enjoy life as a senior citizen, instead he wanted to devote his time and effort to working with mental vulnerably people.

The Social Network has established a number of initiatives focusing on the aspects of being young and a relative to a young person, who misses someone to talk to or are early users of psychiatry.

With initiatives such as Unge på Vej, MindU and headspace, The Social Network has established the framework in which youngsters are able to find safe communities where they can talk about problems, both small and large. The focus is to offer a preventive action, and with the initiatives peer-support and the Psychiatry Summits, together with the ongoing work within the Psychiatry Network, The Social Network focuses on continuously enhancing the conditions for the mental vulnerable and their relatives.

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