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For the second time, Det Sociale Netværk is hosting the Nordic Youth Summit on Mental Health. On the 17th of November, young people from all the Nordic countries will gather in Copenhagen for a three-day summit on mental health. 

The main goal for the summit is to create political awareness about the seriousness of poor mental health amongst Nordic Youth. By standing together across borders, the aim is to reach the top of the political agenda and let the young voices of the North be heard. After all, who knows what young people want, seek and need regarding mental health better than young people themselves? 

Therefore, young representatives from every Nordic country will have a chance to voice their opinions, experiences and solutions for the future. Through workshops, discussion groups and various presentations, participants will reach a higher understanding for each other’s work and challenges – and from there on, develop a united movement towards poor mental health. 

The summit will hold presentations from Nordic organizations, working to improve mental health and from researchers who’ve studied the well-being and social circumstances of Nordic youth. Likewise, representatives from eight Danish political youth organizations will present their political views on the issue of increasingly poor mental health among youth. Finally, participants will visit the Danish Minister of Social Affairs, Astrid Krag, and discuss why it is necessary to include young voices when it comes to political action on the issue.

We are looking forward to seeing representatives from Landsforeningen for Spiseforstyrrelser og Selvskade (DK), Unge På Vej (DK), Sinnisbati (FO), Avalak (GL), Mental Helse Ungdom (NO), headspace (DK), Tilia (SE), Ventilen (DK), Yeesi (FIN), OCD-Foreningen (DK), Hugarafl (IS), Dansk Ungdoms Fællesråd (DK), Kalaallit Røde Korsiat (GL), Danske Studerendes Fællesråd (DK) and Mind (SE).  

Do you have questions? 
Contact head of communications Jakob Risom on +45 61 65 65 40 or jr@detsocialenetvaerk.dk for further comments. 

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